Theological Scars

My worldview has all the component parts of a Christian but no God to animate it with purpose. It is an evacuated city, its structures rendered useless because there is no one there to use them. ...

It is difficult to find fellow travelers in my own life who speak of God in language I relate to on this now faithless journey. For many, God revealed himself only as the weight of the whole world. To be rid of him is to be, at last, unburdened. For others, God was always so exceedingly human in his manifestation that to lose faith was a loss akin to drifting apart from a friend. It was difficult but not devastating.

In my experience, God did indeed come bearing the weight of a world in chaos, but he set it upon me in a space unencumbered by gravity. I knew that the load was there but God’s grace rendered it a tranquil, weightless catastrophe. Now it is just a world and not just any world: a rapidly dying one.
— Alana Massey