Tweeting About 'Master of None' When Paris Is Under Attack

For all the incessant talk about how our devices isolate us—how we are all bowling alone instead of socializing with our fellow human beings—moments like this demonstrate the hyper-scrutinized social life of the millennial. The much-vaunted self-involvement of our generation is another word for never being allowed to forget yourself, never being allowed to think or do or tweet the wrong thing. Here comes everyone, watching you.

But, of course, no one is watching you as closely as you are watching yourself, and this should be the final word on what a thousand Greatest Generation op-eds proclaim to be the narcissism of the millennials. Narcissism might be another word for paranoia, and these are good times in which to be paranoid. ‘They’ probably aren’t reading your tweets and judging you, but they might be, and you’ll never find out which it is.
— Aaron Bady