The Poverty Tour

Peter Jennings came down [in 1991] and, you know, he and I spent the day. We went out and walked around and they shot video of poor families, interviewed lots of people. They had correspondents in three or four locations in Ohio. And then, throughout the week, it would lead the newscast and it would be something that happened that day. ...

I was 42 years old and I thought, that’s it, we’re done here, you know, we’ve solved poverty. ... And then nothing, nothing. ... It’s gone in the other direction. People are less sympathetic. They’re harsher now. I mean, you know, you, you will see folks now, you know, begin to also rail against welfare, even though there’s hardly anyone left on welfare. In Ohio, 75% of the cash assistance welfare cases are child-only cases. There are only 15,000 adults left on cash assistance in Ohio. You know, we have eliminated cash assistance. You know, we don’t have these kids living in orphanages. We have them living with Grandma instead because the families have fallen apart, and we no longer support families that stay together. So the conservatives have won the day.
— Jack Frech, interviewed by Brooke Gladstone