Where Now, America?

My family [believed in the American dream]. We became Americans. We loved American traditions. But today, I feel lost. In an era of globalization and multiculturalism, many on the left are unwilling to say what constitutes those traditions that define America. They worry that any content will exclude people, as of course it will. But in its absence, what will be the ties that bind?

On the right, many white voters, and certainly Trump, have offered a vision of America that is bounded by color and religion. Trump has been blatantly racist and sexist. Yet he has also given voice to those Americans who feel adrift, not just in a globalized economy but a globalized culture. These Americans want to ‘make America great again’ by re-claiming a nation that they love. But in their efforts to reclaim, they have perverted it too. …

[F]or those of us who shared Governor Haley’s experience, who grew up as immigrants in a world where common bonds were as strong as or stronger than those that connected us to our sub-communities, and in which we could become American, where do we turn now? Is there a nation that can still be home to us?
— Johann N. Neem