Japanese Internment and the Media

The day after Pearl Harbor, the Los Angeles Times reported that some Japanese could very well be upstanding good citizens, but ‘what the rest may be we do not know ....’ Later, the Times called for the removal of the Japanese, declaring, ‘A viper is nonetheless a viper wherever the egg is hatched — so a Japanese American, born of Japanese parents, grows up to be a Japanese, not an American.’

Scripps-Howard columnist Westbrook Peglar advocated executing a hundred detained Japanese for every American killed in the war, suspending habeas corpus for all Japanese, and placing them under government surveillance. ...

In the Treasury Star Parade, a federally sponsored [radio] series aimed at promoting the sale of war bonds, one episode, titled ‘A Lesson in Japanese,’ described the Japanese as monkeys and reptiles and still ‘savage beast[s].’ Another depicted a scene of an American soldier dismembering the genitals of a Japanese soldier.
— Juan González and Joseph Torres