I Was A Hardcore Conservative: What Changed My Mind

I hear a lot of people say, ‘What could I say to this person that would make them change their mind?’ Often, very little. Most of what changed my mind wasn’t said to me at all. It was said to someone else while I quietly watched, eating popcorn. ...

Everybody wants a formula, a set of steps, to change people and fix bigotry. ‘Say this,’ and ‘Expect them to respond like this,’ and ‘Here’s how you’ll know if it’s working.’ That’s a recipe for frustration.

How it really works is probably going to look more like this. You’ll make a reasonable, genuine plea on social media for tolerance and understanding on some issue. Some rando will insult you and call you a beta snowflake. Nobody else will respond. One of your followers will read it, have a misconception challenged, feel uncomfortable, forget about it, remember it a week later, hear a friend tell a personal story that dovetails with your point, and admit internally they’ve been wrong. They will never tell anyone, but they will stop believing and parroting one sexist argument forever. Maybe they will treat women a little better.
— Christina H.