"Scenes and Manners" in Print, 1785-1849

Complete data for a figure to appear in a journal article currently under consideration. Compiled by searching ProQuest American Periodicals Series and British Periodicals I and II; Google Books; JSTOR; the Internet Archive; WorldCat; Gale Literature Online; Readex America’s Historical Imprints I and II; and Readex America's Historical Newspapers I-X, in June-July 2013 and Nov. 2014. Excludes reprints and other duplicates. Cf. the frequency of "scenes and manners" and "manners and scenes" in the historical English corpus (1780-1880) compiled by Google Books, as visualized by the Google Books Ngram Viewer: http://goo.gl/J2h00V.

Figure: Appearances of "Scenes and Manners" or "Manners and Scenes" in Print, 1785-1849

Figure: Appearances of "Scenes and Manners" or "Manners and Scenes" in Print, 1785-1849

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  1. A. Radcliffe, Mysteries of Udolpho *     (1794, London)     M.s. in Venice very different from those of France
  2. T. Cogan, The Rhine *    (1794, London)     Travelers encounter strange customs and m.s.


  1. Monthly Mirror     (Aug. 1803, London)     Rev.: J. Carr, Stranger in France
  2. Critical Rev. or Annals of Lit.     (Nov. 1804, London)     Rev.: C. B. Brown, Edgar Huntly
  3. G. Gregory, Dict. of Arts and Sci.     (1807, London)     Ancient Hebrew poets skillfully portrayed s.m.
  4. Belle Assemblée     (Apr. 1807, London)     Authors know they describe s.m. that do not exist
  5. Cumberland Register     (Sept. 1807, Carlisle, Pa.)     Hayes’s Rural Poems describe American s.m. and customs
  6. A. M. Grant, Memoirs of an Am. Lady *     (1808, London)     Subtitled With Sketches of Manners and Scenery


  1. J. Shaw, Poems by the Late     (1810, Philadelphia)     Pleasant to dwell on the s.m. of youth
  2. Belfast Monthly Magazine     (Apr. 1810, Belfast)     Thomas Moore, “bard of Erin,” depicts simple s.m.
  3. E. Porter, Sermon to Artillery Co. *     (1812, Boston)     Jewish scriptures convey ancient m.s. faithfully
  4. M. Hughs, Aunt Mary’s Tales     (1813, London)     Human nature universal despite different s.m.
  5. M. Brunton, Dicipline     (1814, Edinburgh)     Foreign s.m. make for good conversation
  6. New British Theatre, vol. 4 *     (1815, London)     Influence of Byron’s first-hand foreign m.s. descriptions
  7. C. I. Johnstone, Clan-Albin *     (1815, London)     Highlanders in Biscay reminded of m.s. at home
  8. London Morning Post     (Mar. 1815, London)     Rev.: L. Bonaparte, Maria or The Hollanders
  9. Monthly Review or Lit. Journal     (May 1815, London)     Stories of rude life and violence are more interesting
  10. Annual Bio. and Obit.     (1817, London)     Obit.: Elizabeth Hamilton
  11. F. A. Cox, Female Scripture Bio.     (1817, London)     Simple s.m. in time of Bible patriarchs enchant readers
  12. T. Attwood, Property Restored *     (1817, London)     Foreign trade can stimulate the mind with foreign m.s.
  13. Quarterly Review     (Oct. 1817, London)      Rev.: Lord Holland, Life and Writings of Lope de Vega
  14. Monthly Mag. or Brit. Register     (Jan. 1818, London)     Rev.: Career of Thomas Campbell
  15. Brit. Critic & Quat. Theol. Rev.     (Oct. 1818, London)     Rev.: J. Hogg, Brownie of Bodsbeck
  16. Analectic Magazine     (July 1819, Philadelphia)     Rev.: W. Irving, Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon


  1. New Monthly Magazine     (June 1820, London)     Rev.: T. Whitby, Retrospection, a Rural Poem
  2. Newcastle Magazine     (Sept. 1820, Newcastle)     W. Scott successful because describes s.m. of own place
  3. New Monthly Magazine *     (Dec. 1820, London)     Rev.: Writings of C. B. Brown
  4. Kaleidoscope     (Feb. 1821, Liverpool)     Byron’s air of originality from describing Asiatic s.m.
  5. Eclectic Review     (May 1822, London)     Sismondi portrays s.m. but deficient at personages
  6. Monthly Review or Lit. Journal     (Sept. 1822, London)     Rev.: W. S. Wickenden, Bleddyn: A Welsh National Tale
  7. J. K. Paulding, Konigsmarke     (1823, N.Y.C.)     Cooper’s readers grateful for reminders of country s.m.
  8. Commercial Advertiser *     (Mar. 1823, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: J. L. Burckhardt, Travels in Syria and the Holy Land
  9. N. A., Scenes and Thoughts     (1824, London)     Stories told by relative returned from India
  10. Retrospective Review *     (1824, London)     Rev.: J. Sanazzaro, Arcadia
  11. Newcastle Magazine     (Jan. 1824, Newcastle)     Cooper’s Pioneers shows new s.m. to English readers
  12. Brit. Rev. and London Crit. Journal     (Feb. 1824, London)     Christ’s parables describe incidents, not s.m.
  13. Monthly Rev. or Lit. Journal     (Feb. 1824, London)     Women novelists better than men at domestic s.m.
  14. N.Y. American     (Feb. 1824, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: M. B. Smith, A Winter in Washington
  15. London Christian Instructor     (Apr. 1824, London)     Lady Montague’s letters describe foreign s.m.
  16. American Monthly Magazine     (May 1824, Philadelphia)     America needs more songwriters who know rural s.m.
  17. Literary Magnet      (Jul. 1824, London)     London’s fashionable s.m.
  18. Am. Missionary Register     (Sept. 1824, N.Y.C.)     Pawnee customs like ancient Hebrew s.m.
  19. N.Y. National Advocate     (Dec. 1825, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: G. Houston, National Tales
  20. Ladies’ Monthly Museum     (June 1826, London)     Rev.: Books describing Holland and Portugal
  21. Literary Chronicle     (June 1826, London)     Rev.: H. Duncan, William Douglas or the Scottish Exiles
  22. Boston Intelligencer *     (July 1826, Boston)      Rev.: M. R. Mitford, Our Village
  23. Ladies’ Monthly Museum     (Aug. 1826, London)     Rev.: C. C. Bury, Alla Giornata or To the Day
  24. N.Y. National Advocate     (Oct. 1826, N.Y.C.)     V. Grey recommends Irving describe s.m. of his own country
  25. Baltimore Gazette *     (Nov. 1826, Baltimore)     Rev.: Maistre, Russian Tales
  26. R. P. Ward, De Vere     (1827, London)     Country s.m. totally different from London’s
  27. Quart. Oriental Magazine     (Dec. 1827, Calcutta)     Writers should describe local India s.m.
  28. Literary Focus     (Dec. 1827, Miami Univ.)     Pref. to reprint of Syrian tale depicting s.m. of the East
  29. Common-Place Book of Prose     (1828, Boston)     J. K. Paulding, “Sport on New Year’s Day”
  30. W. Irving, Life of C. Columbus     (1828, London)     Stories told about Haiti by Columbus’ sailors
  31. Ladies’ Magazine     (June 1828, Boston)     Lit. notice: S. G. Goodrich’s Legendary
  32. Foreign Quarterly Review     (June 1828, London)     Adv.: G. R. Gleig, Subaltern’s Log Book
  33. The Critic     (Nov. 1828, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: M. R. Mitford, Our Village
  34. H. F. Lyte, Tales in Verse     (1829, London)     Mysterious village priest familiar with foreign s.m.
  35. Boston Commercial Gazette     (Mar. 1829, Boston)     Rev.: Mrs. Monkland, Life in India
  36. London Magazine     (May 1829, London)     Rare s.m. in D. Conway’s Journey through Norway
  37. Foreign Review     (Dec. 1829, London)     Children prefer stories of familiar s.m.


  1. Philadelphia Album     (Aug. 1830, Philadelphia)     Rev.: E. Bulwer-Lytton, Paul Clifford
  2. W. Scott, Count Robert of Paris     (1831, London)     Variety in s.m. made the landscape lively to the pilgrims
  3. R. Shennan, Tales, Songs, Poems     (1831, Dumfries)     Subtitled Descriptive of Rural Scenes and Manners
  4. N.Y. Mirror      (Feb. 1831, N.Y.C.)     Essay on the works of J. F. Cooper
  5. Imperial Magazine     (Apr. 1831, Liverpool)     Rev.: I. Taylor, Temple of Melekartha
  6. Edinburgh Literary Journal     (June 1831, Edinburgh)     Adv.: V. J. E. de Jouy, L'Ermite de la Chaussée d'Antin
  7. Alexandria Gazette     (July 1831, Alexandria, Va.)     Rev.: J. F. Cooper, The Spy (new ed.)
  8. Illinois Monthly Magazine *     (Aug. 1831, Vandalia, Ill.)     Rev. : A. Slidell Mackenzie, A Year in Spain
  9. Atkinson’s Casket     (Sept. 1831, Philadelphia)     Rev.: J. F. Cooper, The Spy
  10. Ladies’ Magazine     (Oct. 1831, Boston)     Until recently American writers preferred foreign s.m.
  11. Newburyport Herald *     (May 1832, Newburyport, Mass.)     Note on N. P. Willis’s letters from Paris
  12. New England Galaxy *     (June 1832, Boston)     Rev.: W. Irving, Tales of the Alhambra
  13. Court Mag. and Belle Assemblée *     (Oct. 1832, London)     Rev.: J. J. Morier, Zohrab the Hostage
  14. American Quarterly Review     (Dec. 1832, Philadelphia)     Rev.: E. C. Wines, Two Years and a Half in the Navy
  15. J. E. De Kay, Sketches of Turkey     (1833, N.Y.C.)     Missionaries should base religious tracts on local s.m.
  16. Ladies’ Magazine     (Aug. 1833, Boston)     American readers should shun unrepublican English s.m.
  17. Rural Repository     (Aug. 1833, Hudson, N.Y.)     “Lights and Shadows of New-England Life”
  18. Knickerbocker     (Oct. 1833, N.Y.C.)     Rev. essay on travel narratives of Europeans in America
  19. N.Y. Mirror     (Nov. 1833, N.Y.C.)     J. F. Cooper far better at American s.m. than at European
  20. Lady T. Lewis, Dacre: A Novel     (1834, London)     London’s frivolous s.m. may seem to preclude passion
  21. E. Brydges, Autobiography *     (1834, London)     Chapter heading: author’s intercourse with foreign m.s.
  22. N.Y. Mirror     (Mar. 1834, N.Y.C.)     C. F. Hoffman’s sketches of western s.m. best so far
  23. Knickerbocker     (May 1834, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: Writings of Robert C. Sands in Prose and Verse
  24. Foreign Quarterly Review *     (Aug. 1834, London)     Lit. notice: A. de Lamartine, Destinées de la Poésie
  25. N.Y. American     (Aug. 1834, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: F. Trollope, Belgium and W. Germany
  26. Baltimore Patriot     (Nov. 1834, Baltimore)     Most writing on s.m. of South America is inaccurate
  27. Literary Gazette     (Dec. 1834, Concord, N.H.)     W. Scott brings past s.m. to life, wiping away darkness
  28. J. Mackintosh, Memoirs of the Life of     (1835, London)     1811 diary: Medieval Scottish s.m. in W. Scott’s poetry
  29. L. E. Landon, Vow of the Peacock     (1835, London)     This story is fanciful but its s.m. are strictly historical
  30. Columbian Register     (Jan. 1835, New Haven)     Rev.: J. Hall, Tales of the Border
  31. N.Y. Mirror     (Apr. 1835, N.Y.C.)     C. M. Sedgwick admired by those familiar with her s.m.
  32. Charleston Courier     (June 1835, Charleston)     Travel writers overlook s.m. of ordinary life
  33. Fraser’s Magazine     (Sept. 1835, London)     Tourists try to impress by recounting foreign s.m.
  34. Christian Teacher     (1836, Manchester)     J. J. Taylor, “Retrospect of a Twelvemonth in Germany”
  35. C. P. Traill, Backwoods of Canada     (1836, London)     Readers can learn about uncivilized s.m. in comfort
  36. London and Westminster Rev. *     (Apr. 1836, London)     Rev. essay: “English Literature of 1835”
  37. Evangelical Magazine     (June 1836, Utica, N.Y.)     Anecdote from an interesting writer on American s.m.
  38. Athenæum *      (Jul. 1836, London)     Book adv. quoting Westminster Rev. essay from April
  39. Knickerbocker     (Aug. 1836, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: J. S. French, Elkswatawa: Prophet of the West
  40. American Annals of Education     (Sept. 1836, Boston)     Travelers in biblical lands easily imagine ancient s.m.
  41. Western Messenger     (Oct. 1836, Cincinnati)     Rev.: O. Dewey, Old World and the New
  42. American Monthly Magazine     (Oct. 1836, N.Y.C.)     Rev. of two novels describing fashionable English s.m.
  43. The Examiner     (Nov. 1836, London)     Rev.: Mrs. S. C. Hall, Finden’s Tableaux of National Character
  44. Quarterly Christian Spectator     (Dec. 1836, New Haven)     Rev.: J. Oldbug, The Puritan
  45. The Plaindealer     (Feb. 1837, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: G. Dearborn, Scenes in Spain
  46. Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine     (Apr. 1837, London)     Continent’s s.m. are full of superstition and infidelity
  47. North American Review     (Apr. 1837, Boston)     Rev.: S. G. Drake, Indians of North America
  48. Charleston Courier     (June 1837, Charleston)     Adv.: L. E. Landon, Vow of the Peacock
  49. North American Review *     (Jul. 1837, Boston)     Rev.: J. Prior, Life of Oliver Goldsmith
  50. The Athenæum     (Jul. 1837, London)     Takes great skill to depict really remote s.m.
  51. Dublin University Magazine     (Sept. 1837, Dublin)     W. Scott’s work created public appetite for romances
  52. Christian Examiner *     (Sept. 1837, Boston)     Book of Job exhibits Arabian m.s. but a Hebrew spirit
  53. Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine     (Nov. 1837, Edinburgh)     Greece’s s.m. drive a traveler to read Homer
  54. Monthly Magazine *     (Jan. 1838, London)     Realistic periodical literature educates by depicting m.s.
  55. Weekly Messenger     (Mar. 1838, Boston)     Rev.: I. A. Jewett, Passages in Foreign Travel
  56. Gloucester Telegraph     (Mar. 1838, Gloucester, Mass.)     Interesting sketches of s.m. sell books
  57. Knickerbocker     (Apr. 1838, N.Y.C.)     English rev. has praised ancient s.m. in Palmyra Letters
  58. The Madisonian *     (May 1838, Washington)     Rev.: J. S. H. Pardoe, The River and the Desert
  59. The Expositor     (Dec. 1838, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: W. G. Simms, Carl Werner and Other Tales
  60. Episcopal Recorder     (Mar. 1839, Philadelphia)     Rev.: J. K. Mitchell, Indecision, a Tale of the Far West
  61. Godey’s Lady’s Book     (Mar. 1839, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: J. P. Kennedy, Rob of the Bowl
  62. The Expositor     (May 1839, N.Y.C.)     Good descriptions of s.m. in novels bring past to life
  63. London Saturday Journal     (Aug. 1839, London)     Foreign s.m. make a conversationalist interesting
  64. Foreign Quarterly Review     (Oct. 1839, London)     Essay on literature of the East
  65. Dublin University Magazine *     (Oct. 1839, Dublin)     Rev.: Mrs. S. C. Hall, Stories of the Irish Peasantry


  1. Monthly Review      (Sept. 1840, London)     Rev.: E. Wilkey, Wanderings in Germany
  2. Philadelphia Inquirer *     (Sept. 1840, Philadelphia)     Rev.: C. Lever, Charles O’Malley
  3. Family Magazine     (May 1841, N.Y.C.)     Charles II brought taste for foreign s.m. into England
  4. Boston Weekly Magazine     (Aug. 1841, Boston)     Rev.: C. M. Sedgwick, Letters from Abroad
  5. Literary World     (Jan. 1842, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: H. W. Longfellow, Ballads and Other Poems
  6. New Sporting Magazine     (Feb. 1842, London)     Bygone s.m. of Surrey and its countryside
  7. Charleston Courier *     (May 1842, Charleston)     Adv.: The Southern Reader
  8. Southern Literary Messenger     (May 1842, Richmond)     Dramatists should depict s.m. of everyday life
  9. New Bedford Register     (July 1842, New Bedford)     Adv.: C. M. Kirkland, Forest Life
  10. Episcopal Recorder *     (Sept. 1842, Philadelphia)     After his trip, Dr. Tyng will write about m.s. of England
  11. The Albion *     (Dec. 1842, N.Y.C.)     Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hall describe the m.s. of Ireland
  12. The Pioneer     (Jan. 1843, Boston)     Lit. notice: C. Masson, Journeys in Balochistan
  13. Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine     (Mar. 1843, Edinburgh)     Rev.: W. Geikie, Etchings of Scottish Character
  14. N.Y. Evening Post     (May 1844, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: W. C. Harris, Highlands of Ethiopia
  15. The Albion     (Aug. 1844, N.Y.C.)     Don Quixote fascinates by depicting Spanish s.m.
  16. Christian Observer     (Jan. 1845, Louisville, Ky.)     Trading English s.m. for French made traveler curious
  17. Quarterly Review     (June 1845, London)     Rev. essay on women travel writers
  18. Christian Remembrancer *     (Jul. 1845, London)     How can travel writers find any new m.s. to write about?
  19. British Quarterly Review     (Nov. 1845, London)     Rev. essay on life and work of T. Bewick
  20. Christian Parlor Magazine     (Mar. 1846, N.Y.C.)     Writers’ depictions of foreign s.m. can be misleading
  21. Daily Herald *     (Apr. 1846, New Haven)     Rev.: J. T. Headley, Napoleon and His Marshalls
  22. Dublin University Magazine     (May 1846, Dublin)     Rev.: F. H. Ringwood, ed., Remains of Theocritus
  23. Harbinger     (Oct. 1846, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: G. P. R. James, Heidelberg, a Romance
  24. The Friend     (Aug. 1847, Philadelphia)     Mary Capper had seen more vary of s.m. than many do
  25. N.Y. Evangelist *     (Sept. 1847, N.Y.C.)     In Quebec, I am surrounded by strange faces and m.s.
  26. New Monthly Magazine     (Dec. 1847, London)     1828 letter from R. Southey on depicting biblical s.m.
  27. Democratic Review     (Mar. 1848, Washington)     Rev.: G. F. Buxton, Mexico and the Rocky Mountains
  28. Daily National Intelligencer *     (Mar. 1848, Washington)     Miner Kellogg’s art is rich with m.s. of the East
  29. Holden’s Dollar Magazine     (Oct. 1848, N.Y.C.)     Rev.: G. Catlin, Notes of Eight Years Travel in Europe
  30. Blackwood’s Edinburgh Mag. *     (Oct. 1848, Edinburgh)     Through literature, we can recognize m.s. of alien places
  31. Independent     (June 1849, N.Y.C.)     Oriental s.m. are always fascinating to read about
  32. Quarterly Review     (June 1849, London)     Travelers allow us to visualize s.m. we will never see
  33. Boston Evening Transcript     (Sept. 1849, Boston)     Thackeray describes s.m. with curious felicity
  34. North American     (Nov. 1849, Philadelphia)     Rev.: H. Melville, Redburn