Historians and Social Media: Resources

Is there a right way to use social media to communicate history?

(Resources to accompany a roundtable discussion at SHEAR 2016)

Challenges of Telling the Truth on Social Media

UPenn Ms. Codex 109,  Rare Book & Manuscript Library, University of Pennsylvania

UPenn Ms. Codex 109, Rare Book & Manuscript Library, University of Pennsylvania

Rebecca Onion, who runs Slate's primary-source blog The Vault, discusses several problems that can arise when history goes viral. She has written several related articles: "Snapshots of History," on the misleading habits of Twitter accounts like @HistoryInPics; "The Awful Emptiness of 'Relatable'"; "On Letters of Note""History, or Just Horror," on the exploitation of historical medical pictures; ....... Related: Mitch Fraas on tracking down and contextualizing an early modern "rocket cat" illustration.

Professional Considerations: or, Tweeting While Academic

Slides from a presentation on basic platforms and approaches.

A pithy post on five ways social media can be useful to graduate students.

A post raising ethical questions about how social media reshapes small communities of scholars.

History and Activism in Social Media

An invitation to use the #EverythingHasAHistory hashtag on Twitter "to find places to write and speak, to provide various publics with the histories essential to intelligent decision making."