Important scores and selected comments from anonymous student evalutions

He was one of the few classes where i was interested in the lectures. When he presented he didn’t just lay out the facts, he formatted them in a way where it felt like he was telling a story and everything had a purpose.
— World History II (spring 2018)
Very knowledgeable about each topic
Taught us what the books couldnt 
Beyond prepared, i felt like i was watching a keynote, you knew your presentations forwards and back
Always made discussions very interesting
I hate “social studies” classes and dreaded this one until about week 3 where I just loved going to class (only class this semester that I attended each and every class...even once when i was sick)
— U.S. History to 1865 (fall 2017)
I really liked the way that this class was set up, it was not like a typical history class. I liked the focus more on the ideas behind why things happened in history and not just simply on memorizing facts on history, it made the class more interesting.
— Roots of the Modern World (fall 2017)

Perceptions of Academic Relevance, 2018

Responses to "This course helped me understand topics or ideas I have studied in other courses" in World History II (first included in spring 2018)

My notes for this class are the most organized out of all the classes I’ve ever taken thanks to the efficient and consistent layout of the powerpoint slides and the overall format of the class
— World History II (spring 2017)
I did not think I would enjoy history, but after taking this class I can look at events through a historical lens rather than through my own bias.
— World History I (fall 2016)
Dr. Wilson is the best history teacher I’ve ever had. I hated history in high school and only took it this semester to take a humanities course. But he made it fun and interesting and forced me to see history in a whole new way.
— World History I (fall 2015)
Professor Wilson taught in a way as if a story book being told to the class, adding in fun facts but maintaining the main idea. His teaching method is one I have not seen since being at LaSalle. It was much appreciated, I enjoyed attending the class.
— Themes in American History (fall 2013)

Perceptions of Instructor Quality, 2011-2018

Average (mean) response, by course, to "Overall, I rate this instructor an excellent teacher" or equivalent statement on a 1-to-5 scale (5 = strongly agree)

Perceptions of Being Challenged, 2017-2018

Responses to "Taking the course changed my mind about something, and/or challenged me to defend ideas I already had" in World History I or II (first included in spring 2017)

Wilson knew the content very extensively, but was that much better at conveying it to the students. He made the hardest of topics to understand both easy and interesting. He is very knowledgeable in the content area, and this helps him to teach it so well. Incorporated history, mass culture, etc. to make well balanced lessons. Loved the incorporations of videos or clips to help visualize the time period.
— U.S. History Since 1865 (spring 2016)

Perceptions of Work Required, 2013-2018

Average (mean) response, by course, to "Hard work was necessary to get a good grade" or equivalent statement on a 1-to-5 scale (5 = strongly agree)

He was great. He asked us the hard questions that got us thinking and gave us homework which made us HAVE to think critically and also helped with understanding.
— Critical Issues for the United States (fall 2011)